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A friend of mine is very good friends with Andy Dunn who is the chief sports reporter for the NOTW and he told me that whilst AJ was at Everton he wanted to buy a bentley but had to wait for 3 months to get a new one , anyway he couldnt be arsed waiting so heard John Terry was selling his and bought his Bentley off him for x amount of cash.

2 weeks later AJ was opening the boot for the first time and in a rucksack was £100k in cash, shocked AJ phoned Terry up and said there's 100 grand in the boot of your bentley and Terry turns round and says "oh **** i forgot about that i won it on the horses the other week, bring it down next time your in London"

If ever there was proof that footballers have too much cash that is it..... how do you forget you have £100k in the boot of your car??

Thought i would share that with you

AJ-Andrew Johnson

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