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i think hes just what the club were looking for to build that extra strength in the side! i think his presense and league football background will be a great boost for an allready starstudded side! good luck to gerrans this season! :c: :smiley20:

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Guest old skip

i know ak personally at i can tell you that he had a two year stint with doncaster rovers before getting a horrific injury that ended his league career. so ak, good luck at gerrans and i hope that the broken toenail injury doesn't come back to haunt you

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Guest Fray Bentos

can i just say after watching him playing for Dagenam Fc as an apprentice. His proffesionalism was outstanding and his handling control is 'different grade', havent seen him in a while but boy he can only get better.

Which ever team hes signed for has won the lottery by my accounts good luck to you, from reading previous messages i do hope the charlie andrew saga gets resolved quickly just pay for that meal to be supersized!!!

And i hear that the foundation on the team depends on a few individuals mainly ryan 'the viper' harris, adrian 'credit crunch' clode and the force that is haydn....... haydn andrewS.

Good luck to that team and this new signing (if true) i hope will bulster your league promotion

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