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I am currently looking for a club to play for, for the upcoming season. am a 23 yr old Cornish keeper, and have spent the past season and this preseason with Mousehole.

Am looking for a new club, ideally closer to home (camborne) but distance not a big issue.

former clubs are Mousehole 1sts, 2nds and 3rds. Troon 1sts & 2nds. Camborne Park.

am a confident young keeper who is looking to stay in senior football.

if there is any club looking for a decent keeper for the upcoming season, please feel free to let me know on here.

Best regards.


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Guest The Patriot

Superkeeps,id advice wendron,there is a big probability of you playing south western there,great set up aswell.

Plus you'll get a good work out each week

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