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Carharrack res vs Trispen (mining)

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I would just like to thank Dennis Fallowfield and his Trispen Players for a entertaining and very well played game against my new look Carharrack Res outfit. Also for those who made there way back to the club for a pint and chat.

After only 2 mins trispen made a early lead 1-0. This then made Carharrack raise there game straight away and get back to my team plans. This seemed to of worked well and within 20 mins of dominating we were level 1-1, Ben Cox with a well driven goal from the penalty area. Carharrack should of been rewarded the lead when Sean Jenkins SMASHED a 30 yarder hitting the bar and bouncing behind the line but no goal was given tho.

Half time come and then a few changed were made.

Carharrack then started the 2nd half a bit slow but soon got to the pace of things and hit the post through a Chirs webster Bicycle kick, much to the fans disappointment. But soon after BEN "THE WIZARD" COX decided to take the bull by the horns and ran past Trispen players getting to the touchline and somehow fireing the ball past the Trispen keeper. This goal recieved alot of praise from home and away players and fans. 2-1 carharrack.

I then rung the changes and shortly after with a new look defence not picking up there men tripen had a free header to equalise 2-2.

Less then 2 minutes after this trispen attack and Adam Burrows pulled of 3 outstanding saves to deny trispen taking the lead until the ball dropped to a trispen player to slot home. 3-2 trispen.

Carharrack charged for a equaliser but were unable to fine one but overall carharrack were very unlucky not to walk away with a draw or a win in this game.

Thank you to Nigel Jewell for a well refereed game. Hope to sort out a 2nd leg at trispen before the season!!

Many thanks and all the best!

Carharrack Line up:

Adam Burrows, Ben Monty, Alex, Onslow, Mike Mcdonald, Sean Jenkins, Aaron, Monty, Dawsey, Dyer and Ben Cox.



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