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Nalders West Cornwall sunday League A.G.M.

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The League's AGM was held at Wendron on Tuesday.

To summarise the main outcomes.

David James has, after many years of hard work and effort decided to relinquish the League Secretary'post. The meeting thanked him sincerely for his efforts over the years and wished him well for the future.

There is a definite shortage of teams but there was a really encouraging response for the request for help with the running of the League.

Volunteers and jobs have been matched and, on the night, with the agreement of the clubs present, the following Management Committee was assembled;

Chairman Chris Andreetti

Hon Sec. Bill Lamin

Asst. Sec (Registrations and teamsheets) Phil Cuthbert

Administrator - Results and Publicity Mike Williams (Pidge)

Enforcer - Referees' Initiative Darren Griffiths

This looks like being powerful team. It's not quite complete, but should be finalised in near future.

With one further late withdrawal from the League, we are left with 14 clubs. This is too large for one division and quite small for two. After some discussion around the subject, exploring possibilities such as playing each other 3 times, extended cup competitions and the like, the meeting left the Committee to try to come up with some scheme that would ensure that every club played 20+ games.

The league welcomed the new clubs, Wendron and West Cornwall.


Div 1

1. Booters

2. Gloweth United

3. Halsetown

4. Threemilestone

5. Tremough

6. Truro GWRSA

7. West Cornwall

Div 2

1. Crowntown with Crowan

2. Storm

3. M/Pad United

4. Penzance Astro

5. Shortlanesend

6. Star

7. Wendron

The plan for the coming season is to run most of the League's business via email - being quicker, easier, cheaper and more tree friendly. A pilot attempt with agendas for the meeting and affiliation forms by email was surprisingly successful.

The referees' Initiative results with sporting points was disappointing last season with only 5 clubs meeting the target average score of 8. The "pot" shares for successful clubs could be significant!

Next season, the meeting decided on a modest target of 7. With one committee member focussing on clubs' performance in this important aspect of the League's business, all clubs should easily make that target.

If, even at this late stage, there are teams considering joining the Sunday League, please get in touch with me.

Bill Lamin

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Yeah soz booters didnt turn up for that woops :P

So wat teams dropped out.

We can always av 2 groups of 7 thats how we did it last year when falmouth dropped out 5 games in and truro unt dropped out bout 7 games in for upsetin the rules. The idea of playing each otha 3 times is good jus like the scots do it but when we get to crimbo time games get called off do you think we will have time to finish them all with ccfa cup games aswell

hopefully it will all work out

looking forward to new season

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