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prediction for Mining 1


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PLease no-one say Storm! every time someone mentions us we end up finishing outside the top 3......

Thats a bit negative!!! always think positive mate its a long season and i think it will between storm, robartes, illogan if people make us favourites then that is a big positive of what we are doing here and where we want to be next year, yes there are other teams quite capable of winning this league and i wish them the very best but the best team is the one that finishes top at the end and illogan did that last year so they are the bench mark, the team we all have to try and beat.

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I want to play in a team that wins the league!

TMS will be strong, I think last season was a bit of an off season for them but they finished well with few players apparently... so well done to them.

Have Illogan brought in any new players / lost any? Either way they will be tough to beat, although I think a few teams can turn them over this season.

St Buryan were a good side last season who gave us a right seeing to... twice! Like to forecast that not happening this season. The teams that came up from div2 are no dummies either. One of them knocked us out of the cup last season I think.

I just hope that the players at Storm this season are all committed to trying to win the league, and it would be nice to see a couple of old faces come back that left us last season... you know who you are!

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Usual suspects will be there or there abouts again this season I reckon.

Storm, St Buryan, TMS, Robarts oh and Illogan.

Last year we won the league through consistency this year it looks like being an even better side with everyone from last year staying at the club with some going 1st team I hope as they are good enough and we look like gaining a few very good players to add to the already strong squad so roll on 2009\10 season.

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