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I have been on holiday, was the Truro City Reserves v Newquay game played, if so what was the result?

What changes are there regarding Promotion / relegation for next season.

When away it is easy to lose track of things and not enough time to catch up.

PLEASE SOMEONE could you answer.


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Thanks for that lads.

I note some postings had referee-itis, you win some you lose some, a touch of the Hayle's (6-5) oops (6-6).

Things have a habit of working themselves out.

When Truro lost at Beaconsfield SYCOB Mr Heaney's reply to the player who said sorry for losing was "The season is over 42 matches not just one game".

If Newquay finish second I take it they will not go up even though their ground passed the grading structure, that doesn't appear to be fair, surely it should be 2 up from each of East and West with four coming down or Champions Up and the next four in a play off system to excite clubs, players and supporters.

Well done to Penzance but I think there should be a reward for finishing second best.

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