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Was I the only one?

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Was I the only one to tune in for Dave Deacon's football programme last Saturday only to hear an alien amateur voice presenting what was virtually another record session interspersed with a few forgettable snatches of football comment?

I was disappointed then and even more disappointed that no-one has come on here with the same concern as myself. Does this mean we are not really bothered after all?

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I cant admit to having listened to the show, knowing that it wasnt Dave on air.

However this past week, I have had numerous phone calls from individuals that have tuned in over the course of the last few weeks; Complaining about Saturdays effort.

In case people are not aware, the 5-7 slot has now ceased for this season and I'd like to make it clear that whatever occurred during this time on Saturday of last week had absoloutely nothing to do with Dave Deacon or I!

RSAB have been fantastic allowing us the opportunity, but sadly there is an individual at the station who (IMO) suffers from a case of the green eyed monster and as a result has made things increasingly difficult for Dave in recent weeks. (I'll say it Dave, your too diplomatic!)

Dale Godding has told us numerous times about his apparent pedigree in the industry with stints at Star FM, blah blah blah. However, he see's himself fronting his own sports show on RSAB and being that Dave is clearly superior in the field, he has attempted to drive a wedge between us and the stations management.

I say attempted because Graham Walker (Station Director) has always acted in OUR interests before thinking of his own during the trial period.

He is an honourable man and I hope he one day see's Dale is hell bent on changing the remit of what is after all, local, local radio.

It remains to be seen whether the show goes ahead next year on RSAB, another station or even at all.

Dave and I are not totally convinced the football community want the service as the last 2 weeks shows with guests like Glynn Hooper & Steve Massey were not even discussed on this forum.

Unfortunately, the original hope to raise lots of money for 2 worthwhile charities will not come to fruition.

As a football fan, I'd like to publicly thank Dave Deacon for travelling to St Austell for the last few weeks, for all the preparation that has helped make the shows run smoothly having meticulously planned each show.

He is excellent at what he does and has organised superb studio guests, whilst interviewing captains, players, managers, fans and anyone with an opinion from CSWPL to Duchy 5.

The pipe dream would never have been viable without his help and I only hope that the BBC were listening!

And to think it only ever surfaced because of the rants and raves of the forum members!

Pat yourselves on the back!

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Guest Peppermint

Well done Darren and Dave Deacon for what you did regarding the radio show.

However the powers that be in local radio have no idea about the unique features of Cornwall or the world of sport in the County and the passionate followers of all sports in the Duchy.

The BBC in the guise of Radio Cornwall are content to meander along and I know that numerous complaints have been forwarded to them and some Forum Memebers have tried to get onto the phone in programme but to no avail.

They are so blinkered which is a shame because I think Ross Ellis who is doing the programme at the moment would be great but he is obviously restricted by the powers that be.

Oh for the days of Matt Sandoz - we used to get a balanced sports programme then.

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Perhaps ATLANTIC FM would like to fill the gap, there must be more footballing/rugby/cricket folk who would like to tune in 5-6pm than music listeners in the county on a Sat afternoon. Come on Graham pull some strings !

I know that Dave and others have tried as hard as they can to get the message across to the sporting public that RSAB was on air and online and they are to be congratulated. However, when you are driving from say Plymstock to Mousehole or Falmouth to Newton Abbot you are left with little in the way of info. Perhaps ATLANTIC FM are missing a trick here. Get the show sponsored by Carlsberg, Studs Sport or whoever, make it an hour long so as not to pi$$ off the music lovers and he presto, everyones a winner !

Thanks again to Dave and his team for doing their bit to raise the profile of local footy, even if I wasn't able to listen back to my interview.

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I really enjoyed listening to Dave's show on RSAB however I was limited on the ammount of time I could listen to the show as I live out of the St Austell bubble and had to wait until I got back to get online. The whole podcast idea was great and allowed me to listen to the show on the way back upto London. Surely Atlantic FM could get a sponsor for the show after seeing the success of a deadicated football show on RASB.

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Someone somewhere has the power to make this happen. Driving home from a game was great because you could listen to results and hear comments from managers etc.

I know of one person who while living abroad spent his Saturdays tuning into the programme and sending results out by text.

A sponsor might be the answer to the problem, then we can all get back to normal. Saturdays are never the same without such an informative programme.

Roll on the new season, roll on the birth of a dedicated programme that covers football in the South West (Cornwall and Devon).

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