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Gwinear CT vrs Gulval

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GwinearCT 1 Gulval 1 aet ( Gwinear won 6 7 on pens )

One of the most exciting and action packed 0 0 I've ever been involved in. Gulval took the lead in 1st period of extra time with a quickly taken free kick but Gwinear held in there kept playing football and won and converted a pen with last kick of the game. Penalty shoot out went to sudden death with Gwinear edging out a very unlucky Gulval side.

Thoughts are with Gwins striker Joe Farrell who left the pitch in an ambulance with suspected broken leg during second half . Two more on crutches today including myself , we sure know we were in a game last night well done to the Gulval boys for a great battle.

:drink::yahoo::drink::yahoo: :clapper:

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Yeah well done lads, text James this morning and congratulated him even though he didnt play, also like to say well done to Pears, Rols,Pete, Dave and Boof top lads. It's been a tough year for you boys but you have got your just rewards in getting into the final, hopefully I will also bump into my old mate Rols.

Obviously I would offer you my best wishes for the final to you guys but not too much as you are playing against us!!!!!

So sorry to here about Joe that is rotten luck, pass my best wishes onto him, what ever the result will be looking forward to having a few beers after with some of my old friends. Perry. :rolleyes:

Well done again


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Cheers Reno be great to catch up with you too.

Just got back from Royal Cornwall Joe has a double fracture , one bone clean in half the other a spiral fracture , his spirits are good poor fecker.

Thanks to the Gulval boys Jo Jo and the keeper for helping Joe off the field and showing great attitude after the shoot out. Good luck with the rest of your games lads.


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Good luck to boh sides in the final.

The Semi was a tough game with no quarter asked or given on either side. That will do as I do not wish to sound like there are any sour grapes.

The lads from Gwinear battled the same conditions as us. Well done on the win and I hope you get your side patched up to face a very talented side.

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