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Guest The Patriot

on the goal scoring chart it says as of 5-2-09 however Nick longstaff score 3 last night and on your chart only has 2 goals. :wacko:

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As I said the site is being updated continuously. You're jumping the gun and too quick for me this morning.

After a set of results the site takes up to 2hrs to redo as I have to update each team's match page, their goal scorers, 2 tables, match scores and attendances, finished fixture list, overall goal scoring chart, form guide, possible cup results, etc. I could end up altering and cross checking up to 47 pages. For attendances I have to sit here with a calculater working out averages for home and away.

I don't have fancy software to bang in a result and everthing is updated. If someone could get me some please send it to me it would save hours of copy and pasting.

I now have to do this 3 times a week as the combo are playing matches on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

It is now updated apart from some bits and pieces missing which I am going to ask for on another thread.

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