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SWPL West Team of the Year

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While watching Wendron struggle, quite a few players have shone for me.

My team of the Year, playing 3-5-2...



Holland Newberry Bradd

(PZ) (WEN) (PZ?)

Mason Balsdson Vercesi Lawrence




Robinson James



I've tried to use a selection of clubs to make it abit more interesting!

What our your teams of the years???

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Prob not, but im going on goals, it would be him or westgarth tough one tho. it's like mccormack and jason scotland in the football league championship both have scored lots of goals, but both have had a few games this season where they may not neccesarily be the chosen one.

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Guest Peppermint

I know we all have our opinions but how anyone can select a League X1 without Paul Hampshire of Newquay and Danny Nancarrow of St Austell is beyond comprehension.

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From what I have seen of Hampshire, I must agree with you Graham, top class. And with regards to Nank's, I would also agree but only providing you know how to get the best out of him and keep him focused and positive!

That comes from my long time experience of him and the fact he works for me and is also a good friend, I guess I can get away with saying it!!

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Guest Peppermint

Hi Lafs - Nanks is worth his place in any team becuase of his movement, football brain and I had better stop before I have written his CV for him and I will be accused of an illegal approach!!!!!

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