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Bodmin Saints and Week St Mary, crucial to both sides. A win for Bodmin will give them 'runners up' position at least. They still have to play Probus who can take the title but Probus have a hell of a hill to climb. Saints can afford to lose two games from their last five but would still take the title.

I hear WSM are six or seven players short for this game due to attending a wedding tomorrow. A shame as Saints want to win this division by their on-field superiority, not because the opposition have been weakened due to absence.

Another promotion for the Bodmin club sponsored by Duchy Scaffolding would make four in four years. The first two promotions were of course helped by divisional changes but last season,and hopefully this; the upward movement will be down to the players and manager Hickers.

All things being equal; I'll be taking over the secretary's duties at Saints for next season. I see no reason why the club cannot continue it's rise through the Duchy League and even further.

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