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CCFA Warns against playing in "Leisure Leagues"

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I have just recieved our clubs affiliation application forms from the CCFA ( £142...fab!!!) and noticed the message at the end of the form from the CCFA which reads as follows:

"An organisation calling itself Leisure Leagues is operating small sided football at a number of venues across the county. This organisation is not affiliated to The Football Association and has no intention of affiliating to anyone. Clubs are asked to advise their players that playing in unaffiliated football is contrary to FA and County rules and could result in their exclusion from playing 11 a side football"

I have seen advertisements for these leagues all around the county and im sure their must be players who play for teams unaware of the implications of playing in unaffiliated competitions

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What on earth has anybody playing in this league got to do with the CCFA? What difference does it make whether its affiliated or not? :SM_carton:

Does that mean me and my mates wont be able to go down the park for a kick-about without informing (sorry, i meant to say affilating) (sorry again-i meant to say paying money to) the FA? Its pathetic, i think some of the people who create these stupid rules think themselves a little to powerful and have forgotten that we all live in a free country. :SM_carton:


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