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Results Thurs 30/04/2009

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Looking at Shiftys Unofficial table the relegation battle is looking like this

St Day and Stithians will be relegated as even if St Day win their last 2 games and mousehole lose all 4 of theirs the goal difference will be too much.

If Helston are awarded the 3points from the Athletic game they need to win at least one of their remaining fixtures and hope that 1 club from Mousehole St Agnes & Albion lose all theirs to ensure safety.

If they dont get the Athletic points but win their remaining 2 matches Mousehole must lose all their games or draw no more then 1. Albion will be safe on goal difference and St Agnes by a point.

If Albion win one more game out of the 2 they will be safe from relegation even if Helston get the 3 points from Athletic.

St Agnes can only be relegated if they lose both remaining fixtures and Helston are awarded the Ath points and win their remaining 2 games and Albion and Mousehole win at least 1 apiece

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