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When will Fifa grow a pair and put a stop to the blatant cheating that goes on in the game? Last night we saw Drogba go up for a header in his own box and go down clutching his face writhing in agony to try to get the game stopped, last week he went for a header with Baines of Everton, threw his arms in the air claiming penalty. There are cases in the recent past against Ronaldo, Gerrard, Viera plus to many to count on the continent.

Its about time something was done by the fat cats that run the game rather than banging the anti England drum constantly.

In Egg chasing they have the citing system where after reviewing the game a player can be cited for breaking the rules. Surely a similar system could be introduced to football and if found guilty of deliberaty attempting to cheat an opponent a punishment can be given. It drives me up the wall to see this going on completely unpunished time after time.

On a brighter note it was refreshing to see the ref book Toure of Barca getting booked for waving the imaginary card for a Chelsea player, its about time!

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