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Millbrook v Penzance

Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Millbrook 1 v 3 Penzance FT

Makes Friday night very interesting ! PZ can win the league IF they win at Newquay, draw would stop Newquay from winning it and St Austell would have to win all 4, hope that PZ lost to Callington and rack up 20+ GD in the process.

A Newquay win on friday and in their last 2 games + PZ lost at Cally would mean a Newquay title.

I need a drink !

SW Peninsula Div One West

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts

1 Penzance 30 23 3 4 102 35 67 72

2 Newquay 29 21 2 6 88 41 47 65

3 St Austell 28 18 7 3 79 37 42 61

29/04/2009 Callington Town St Austell

29/04/2009 Vospers Oak Villa Foxhole Stars

01/05/2009 Newquay Penzance 7.30pm

02/05/2009 Camelford Foxhole Stars

02/05/2009 Godolphin Atlantic Millbrook

02/05/2009 Mousehole Callington Town

02/05/2009 Porthleven Dobwalls

02/05/2009 St Austell Penryn Athletic

04/05/2009 Callington Town Godolphin Atlantic

04/05/2009 Wendron United St Austell

06/05/2009 Godolphin Atlantic Dobwalls

06/05/2009 Porthleven Callington Town

06/05/2009 Truro City Reserves Newquay 7.30pm

06/05/2009 Vospers Oak Villa St Austell

08/05/2009 Millbrook Newquay 6.45pm

09/05/2009 Callington Town Penzance

09/05/2009 Dobwalls Porthleven

09/05/2009 Godolphin Atlantic Penryn Athletic

09/05/2009 Vospers Oak Villa Hayle

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Just got back.

We won 4-1 and had one dissallowed for we don't know what, plus the keeper saved a penalty. They were 1-0 up and we thought - Here we go!!

Crowd was roughly 30 with a least half from Pz

Jimbo must have left early his text said 1-3. Tell me you mis-typed, 30, thats not a crowd, its a small social gathering. I do hope you will be bringing a few more than that on Friday, I was expecting a hundred or so from PZ to visit Mount Wise and another 100 neutrals due to the nature of the game to add to the 300 Newquay that should turn up.

It's gonna be one hell of a night one way or the other, a draw would disappointing though.

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No Judge 30 was the rough crowd. At the start of the match it was roughly 20, but built up with late commers from Millbrook.

We all said it was a pitty to see a club with a great set up going downhill and slowly sinking beneath the waves kicking and spitting.

Pint of Carlsberg pre-match £2.50 smashing.

Chips and a cup of tea, half-time £1.70, yuk. Chips were hard, tea was too milky.

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thanks mate, would have been nice if you had pointed yourself out i wouldve had a chat with you get to know another forum user. meeting more every game. i was impressed with chris reski and johnny ludlam on the wings very quick and pacy and skillful but we definitely played very well against i think true champions, friday will be a tough one though.

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