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I've not been up to see a game at Millbrook for a while and wondered as we are travelling from the mighty metropolis of Pz what food do they sell prior, during or after a match at Millbrook either in their social club or t-hut.

We will miss tea on the way up and refuse to spend money in those places showing a large M sign.

Also the kick-off seems to be altering. Originally it was 6:30pm now the Millbrook website says 6:45.???? Get there early just in case.

If they don't sell grub at Millbrook is there a chippy in the village?

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

From memory, the tea bar sells pasties and chips, not sure on burgers. Just crisps etc in the clubhouse. No knowledge of anything in the village but having done a Google, there is a chippy called POSH NOSH, must be some sort of pun there somewhere.

Heres to you crying in your beer !

See you friday.

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Guest local_football_supporter

Stay home and eat your tea......... Hasnt stopped raining all morning inbetween the massive golf ball size hail stones that are coming down . Cat see game being on if this keeps up !!!!!!!!!

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