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Parkway v Wadebridge - respect to stand in referee

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Watched Parkway v Wadebridge yesterday - exciting game. Ref was injured after just 20 minutes and one of the assistants took over. He did take a bit of stick from both sets of supporters at times - me included! One good penalty shout for both sides turned down; thought he didn't deal with Parkway's 'slow play' when 2-1 up for last 20 minutes - but he did by allowing lots of added time in which Wadebridge equalised - after that thought he didn't blow for time soon enough!

What's the point of all this? Well found out on SWPL forum that the assistant that took over - I think he was called Tony Salsbury - is 70 years old and so probably hasn't reffed at Level 6 for many years. Given that I would like to eat humble pie and say that he did a pretty good job under difficult circumstances. I'm over 20 years younger and I don't think I' d have kept up with the play as well as he did.

Deserves congratulations rather than some of the abuse certain players seemed to be dishing out at the final whistle.

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