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This week's Cornish Football Special .......

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By popular demand, this week's Studio Guest is Tommy Matthews, currently the County Youth manager, who of course play their South West Counties Championship final against Oxfordshire the following Saturday.

We'll no doubt touch on that subject, but as a Falmouth Town legend, Tommy is a man always good to listen to when he talks about something very close to him - Cornish football.

Make sure you don't miss him on my Radio St Austell Bay Cornish Football Special, on Saturday at 5pm through until 7pm. If you live in the St Austell area you will find the station on your radio at 105.6 FM, OR if you have access to the internet - click onto Radio St Austell Bay

Mind you, the programme is there for you to contribute as well - why not let us all know about your game. Bob Dingle from Foxhole's Duchy League side rang in last week and I spoke to him live on the programme - why don't you do it this week?

The aim is to talk to various people in the know, including managers, players and anyone at all that wants the county (and the world via the internet) to hear about their game

As always of course, we will give you as many RESULTS, from all around the county, as quickly as possible.

Where else will you get 2 hours devoted to Cornish football?

If you wany to help or get involved, all you have to do is call or text me on 07759 502408, or e-mail to davedeacon@cornishsoccer.info

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