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Porthleven team v millbrook names please

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i have the team for porthleven last night and trying to wonder the prpoer names for the players. managers understand that when you write out a team sheet the rest of the sheets dont show properly the ones in bold i need help with getting the spelling/name correct

richard perrington

matt lairy

maren/marin day (unsure)

darren burchill

paddy gardner

jamie burr

jamie thirckle

josh kemp

stuart reynolds

nick thwaites

kevin lawrence

dan willaims

mike janet

i must add kevin lawrence what a superb player he is, i dont know why he's at this level, no disrespect to porthleven but this player is my player of the season for the league, his pace, his enthusiasm, his desire to win and gets in the right places, his distribtion i admired very much and porthleven have to keep hold of him, cause id be after him if i was manager of a division higher or even higher

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