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With Spurs very much in the hunt for the final European place, I thought we should take a look in at the run in of those in contention and voice our opinions accordingly.

What are your thoughts??

WEST HAM 45 Points,will play

Chelsea (H)

Stoke (A)

Liverpool (H)

Everton (A)

Middlesbrough (H)

FULHAM 44 Points,will play

Stoke (H)

Chelsea (A)

Aston Villa (H)

Newcastle (A)

Everton (H)

SPURS 44 Points,will play

Manchester United (A)

West Brom (H)

Everton (A)

Manchester City (H)

Liverpool (A)

MANCHESTER CITY 41 Points,will play

Everton (A)

Blackburn (H)

Manchester United (A)

Spurs (A)

Bolton (H)

WIGAN 41 Points,will play

Blackburn (A)

Bolton (H)

West Brom (A)

Manchester United (H)

Stoke (A)

Portsmouth (H)

STOKE 39 Points, Will play

Fulham (A)

West Ham (H)

Hull City (A)

Wigan (H)

Arsenal (A)

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Won't the last Euro spot in part be determined by the outcome of the FA Cup? If Chelski win, since they're already likely to have a spot in the Champs League, doesn't that create a different scenario than if Everton win?

Or not, because Everton are already top six? :glare:

As long Liverpool win all the matches that appeared on those fixture lists, I won't be much bothered! But the only side with the wind at their backs at the moment has got to be Spurs.

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