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First win for Alan Carey

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Falmouth win 2-1 at Witheridge h/t 1-0 to 'Withy'

congratulations Alan and the boys -waiting for the details.

Details from Tony Pearce.


Witheridge Matt Snell 18m(H)

Falmouth ,Nick Pugliese Penalty 71m(his first for Town) and Matt Drummond 74m

Town team-Jason Chapman;James Greet;Richard Kellow;Sean Flynn©;Dave Rawlings;Hugh Howlett;Jamie Thompson;Nick Pugliese;Matt Drummond;Neil Slateford;Rob Carey(Bobby Bryant 62m);Not used Darren Friend;Dan Stidwell:

Est. Attendance 75

Referee Cloake

Witheridge 4 booked 1 sent off

Falmouth 2 booked.

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First of all I would like to thank all at Witheridge for their hospitality. Even in defeat they were very gracious. I look forward (hopefully) to seeing you all again next season.

Well done to Alan and the boys for fighting back after going in at half-time one goal down, although, in fairness we could have scored a couple with a bit of luck. I don't know what Alan said to the team during the break, but they came out and had a real go and eventually got the win that they deserved and should have had a while ago.

See yo uall on Tuesday at Launceston.

Best Wishes,

Charles Fittus

Vice chairman FTAFC :clapper:

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Sean Flynn born Birmingham


1990-91 Halesowen Town- Southern League (Premier)

1991-95 Coventry City- Football League Div1/1992 F.A.Premier League.Played 106: Goals 9

1995-97 Derby County-F.L.Div1 (R/U)/1996 F.A.Premier League...........Played .65: Goals 3

1997--- Stoke City (Loan)- F.L.Div 1..................................................Played 4: Goals 1

1997-00 West Bromwich Albion- F.L.Div 1...........................................Played 122: Goals 8

2000-02 Tranmere Rovers -F.L.Div1/ F.L.Div2.....................................Played 82: Goals 11

2002-03 Kidderminster Harriers- F.L.Div 3..........................................Played 57: Goals 2

2003-08 Bodmin Town - CSWL/ 2007 CSWPL

2008-09 Mullion -JCCL

2008-09 Falmouth Town CSWPL as Assistant player/manager

Professional Record Played 436 : Goals 34 which included (93 Premier league appearances for (Coventry and Derby) and scoring 8 Premier goals

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Guest plainmoor

Falmouth deserved their win but jesus wasn't Cloakie a crap ref <_<

NDD, By christ [Cloakie] he was more than crap sir!

Best quotes of the game came from this awful referee in such a slap-stick fashion that he should be nominated for a 2009 comedy award.

A player from each side challenged for the ball, Cloakie blows his whistle and shouts, "yes please (calls Withy player by 1st name), come here, that was a 50/50 challenge, here's a yellow card for it".

As a Falmouth players' run beats 3 players, then he runs towards the penalty area, he is brought down by a withy player, a Falmouth player shouts out 'wasn't he the last man ref'? Cloakie blows his whistle and calls the offending Withy player over to him and gives him a yellow card for the challenged from behind, he then calls the Falmouth player over who shouted out and said 'and he's a yellow card for you for trying to get the player booked' even though he had already booked him !

Along with the terrible penalty decision he didn't give for Falmouth (everybody in the ground said it was) he tried to make up for it by giving one against Withy in the 2nd half, for what? no one in the ground was quite sure, not even the 22 players on the pitch knew what it was for, they were very bemused, spectators and all!

He then sends a Withy player off for a slightly mistimed tackle, you could clearly hear Cloakie shouts "that was 2 footed sir, you had both feet off the ground sir" what a load of rubbish, if he had 2 feet off the ground then I'm a monkeys uncle!

Also during the 2nd half there was a bit of a scramble in the 6 yard box following a Falmouth corner the ball was finally kicked towards the Withy goal and between a defenders arm and the post the ball managed to stay out until it was, from 2 yards away, kicked towards goal and it hit (from outside) the stantion that holds the net up, Cloakie was standing in the 'D' of the penalty area (probably the closest he'd been to the ball all game) and gave a goal from there, he waved away protests from all of the Withy players, shouting "it was a goal, it was a good goal" for about a minute until he was persuaded to go and speak to his male lino, after about 30 seconds he said "no goal it's a goal kick, sorry sirs".

Interestingly enough I did hear the male linesman say to Cloakie at half time that one of the Withy players is his next door neighbours son, not that this any bearing on his power to over rule Cloakie in the goal or goalgate scandle kick decision because Cloakie was calling all of the Withy players by their first names and yet he couldn't be bothered to learn from the team sheet and call any of the Falmouth players by their first name, instead electing to call them all sir.

On my travels around the two Counties and watching football for over 40 years, this was probably one of the most inept refereeing displays that I have ever seen, his attitued towards the players was so condescending and belittleing that it was more akin to nursery, it and he has no place on a football pitch and especially one involving 22+ adults. I sincerely hope for the sake and good name of the South West Peninsula League that he does not officiate in this league the rest of this and next season.

I also hope that the two clubs involved marked him appropriately and sent a letter of complaint to the league.


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