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Premier Division

Bere Alston United 3 Sticker 3

Bodmin Town 0 Torpoint Athletic 3

Launceston 4 Wadebridge Town 3

Liskeard Athletic 0 Lanreath 3

Saltash United 5 Probus 2

Division One

Holsworthy 1 Nanpean Rovers 0

Plymstock United 4 St Columb Major 1

Roche 2 Elburton Villa 1

St Dominick 3 Lifton 2

Supplementary Cup Semi-Final (second leg)

Plymouth Parkway 6 Bude Town 1 (Parkway win 7-2 on aggregate)

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Just happened to take the wife shopping in Bodmin, as we do and I noticed that a football match had just started. It was between Bodmin and Torpoint so I said to the wife "You go shopping and I will see what these two teams are made of."

What a great game of football, very hard match but I think(I know) the best team one. They even missed a penalty in the dying minutes.The final score was 3 - 0 to Torpoint if I remember right, getting old you know.

I was told that Torpoint was top of the league and was going to win the championship. Glad I didn't go shopping with the wife. Will watch Torpoint again some time in the future and take the wife. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

By the way The wife didn't buy anything

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I just love it when people think its funny to take the piss when you are trying to get the league table up to date for the web site and the newspaper.

Thanks to the Liskeard pillocks who gave me the score.

Yes the score is 3-0 to Lanreath

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What on earth are you on about. You brought the correct result to my attention so how do you come up with the idea that I was talking about you. I suggest you take your own advice before accusing others.

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