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Don't forget to text in your results please

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I need as many of them as early as possible for my Cornish Football Special Radio programme.

We cover the RESULTS – from all around the county;

as well as talking to various people in the know, including managers, players and anyone at all that wants the county (and the world via the internet) to hear about their game

The 2 hour programme is proving very popular and has been widely accepted as a way to give time to all levels of Cornish football.

If you wany to help or get involved, all you have to do is call or text me on 07759 502408, or e-mail to davedeacon@cornishsoccer.info


again, this week's Studio Guest should also prove to be worth a listen - it's none other than ex-professional, ex-SWL player and manager and ex-County manager - Steve Massey.

A man never afraid to say what he thinks! :ninja:

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