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The previous Cornish invasion to Wordworth Drive

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Firstly I would like to add my congratulations to Truro City on their Championship victory at Taunton.

It was May 17th 1975 when Falmouth in their 40th.and final Western League game travelled to Wordsworth Drive Taunton to decide the title.

Prior to the match both teams were unbeaten with 9 draws and it was winner take all.

A gate of 2600 with 1000 from Town saw Falmouth race into a 4-0 half time lead with goals from Joe Scott;Richard Davis(H);Richard Francis(H) and man of the match Colin Chegwyn.

Dave Ainscough was the consolation scorer for th Taunton Town 'Peacocks'

The Famouth team managed by Richard Gray was -

Bryan Helley;Allan Morris;Paul Horrocks;Richard Davis;Mervyn Rich;Keith Manley(Capt);Len Ellery;Joe Scott;Keith Etheridge;Richard Francis;Geoff Freeman:

and to think Tony Kellow didn't arrive until the following season.

The prize money from sponsors Rothmans was a healthy £1000.(what would that relate to in todays terms)?

Reading the press cuttings the Falmouth board were concerned at a (Bickland) league average attendance of 600 and stated gates of 1000 are needed to self support.

I was there-can any other supporters,commitee or players relive the memories of that wonderful day?

footnote central defensive pairing of Keith Manley and Mervyn Rich were the only two to play in those heady years winning 8 consecutive League winners medals.

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