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This isn't meant to be morbid so I hope it doesn't come across like that.

We'd been married nearly 2 years and it was a lovely warm day. I was in the lounge sitting down to watch the match and my wife was pottering around in the garden. When it became obvious what was happening I said to her "You'd better come and see this." We watched, horrified, at what was unfolding. Even now it's hard to believe that such a tragedy could happen. Even though we saw it all on TV those memories of people rushing to dimantle advertising hoardings to act as stretchers is one that will stay with me forever. The haunted look on Kenny Dalglish's face is another memory that I can't shift.

A terrible day that changed football in this country forever.

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Or was it Cirencester ? No it was definitely Tewkesbury. I did watch the replay: I think Forest lost 3-1. Aldridge scored twice, didn't he ? Neil Webb for Forest, I believe. Neither place particularly close to Tewkesbury, though I suppose that's fairly tangential in the scheme of things. :D

How did you ever get plastered in your Mum's womb ? In Denver you have to be 21 to drink. Was she an alcoholic ?

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