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FHFL 3 - Falmouth Athletic Res vs Cury

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Big match tonight in the promotion race. Both sides played some great football but Falmouth came out 4-1 winners. That's the best we've played for a while and we played some brilliant football at times. 4 great goals, the keeper had no chance with any of them. Man of the Match has to be Paul Williams, scored a beauty, set one up and caused Cury problems all game.

Cury also played some good football and got forward in numbers. "Cookie" who played up front did well, showed bits of class at times. They went a goal up early but Falmouth struck back with Jack Foote working hard to win the ball then scoring with a good finish.

John Canadis(??) then scored a belter after some rather fine running and passing by yours truly. I missed the 3rd goal scored by Jack again as I was in the shower (being rested for the big match! key player!!).

Paul Williams then lobbed the keeper brilliantly from outside the box.

All in all it was a great game to watch and play in, played in good spirits, not a bad tackle in the whole game. Well played Cury and good luck for the rest of the season.

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Guest Burnley

There were a couple of bad challenges, both of them on me!

We (Falmouth) we're well worth the 3 points.

I hope the Cury lads won't be offended if i say "We took their asses to school in the 2nd half."

Credit to them tho, in the 1st half they pushed us harder than we've been pushed for months.

Im trying to think of a reson why Athletic won't go up........but i can't.

We've worked to hard for it to slip away now, to be honest i think we respond well to any form of pressure.

kinda like Burnley at Stamford Bridge

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