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Poser For Stattos or anyone else with an idea

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Here's a poser for you all.

Recently in the Combo St Day played at home to Hayle and lost 3-8.

Now there is some confusion and Hayle may have played an ilegible player, so by the rules of the Combo if found to be in the wrong, they should lose the 3 points gained but St Day will not be awarded the points.

My questions are (If Hayle are found guilty):-

1. As the game is still counted as having been played do I leave the goals scored by either teams' players in the goal scoring charts on the website as they are left in the league table as being scored?

2. On the website do I leave in the St Day goals but omit the Hayle goals?

3. If I find that the ilegible player scored at least one goal do I remove only those goal(s) from the website but leave in the rest?

Answers on a postcard please

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