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Mutley has raised an interesting point on the ECPL results thread and that is ‘WHO DOES THE MATCH REPORTS’.

The ECPL has hardly any of what you would call a MATCH REPORTER. This means that when the reporter contacts the club it is invariably the TEAM MANAGER who gives the report. As in every match there are two sides to any story so the reporter nearly always contacts the AWAY team manager for his take on the game as well.

It is an unfortunate fact of life if ‘the manager’ gives his take on an incident or when his team scores a goal then the reporter can only take his word for it.

The next thing that happens is the reporter then ‘WRITES UP’ each match report to within a certain amount of words which is then sent to the newspaper.

If there is any discrepancies as was pointed out in the Bodmin v Wadebridge match nobody is the wiser.

This raises the point IF CLUBS DON’T PROVIDE A REPORTER then not only has the newspaper reporter got to chase around the clubs to get details - but by the time the reporter has got hold of the club many of them (especially the away teams) have in fact left the club.

I’m afraid the clubs do not do themselves any favours if they are not able to get someone just to give basic details of the match. And I can fully understand the reasons. We know it is not the responsibility of the home club to provide a match report only the result. But it would help greatly. And how many clubs actually know who scored for the away club. This then means you have to telephone the away club to get that information and anything else that may have been missed.

When I played and just like todays players, I loved to see my name in print. So if the reporter gets it wrong or even spells the name wrong is it always the newspaper reporters fault.

What has been noticed with the new clubs that have joined the league this season is that they will always telephone details of the match even if they are the away team. This is great, but a rarity.

ANY SUGGESTIONS TO HELP THE NEWSPAPER REPORTER. After all it is in the clubs own interests to get the facts right when shown in print.

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On the bit about spelling the name wrong, surely it is the reporters responsibility to get that right.

Sometimes it doesn't matter how many times you tell people how to spell your name they still get it wrong :D I've given up now, i'll make do with any spelling (well almost) :thumbsup:

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Guest ECPL Supporter

Again if a reporter asks for the correct spelling he can only take what is given to him. He cannnot assume anything

I know for a fact that at least 1 person who gives in a match report always gives the correct spelling of names but still it is printed wrong!!

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