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All the best to Glyn and the players for tomorrow.

I'd personally like to wish all the best to Daryl Stamp, Trevor Ternouth, Brian Stevens, Peter Beard, Neil Powell, Lee Allen, Coops and the rest of the St Austell committee who have stood by their club through some pretty shat times and now get to witness 2000 odd people watching the New look Liliywhites in a senior cup final.

This would never have been in their minds 18 mths ago and regardless of the result, the fact that this old lady is still alive and kicking despite the vandalism and issues of recent years is of massive credit to them.

3-2 Town, Allen in the river is still a good bet. :drink:

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Very true - the committee under Darryl, Trevor, John, Neil etc etc etc have done a wonderful job and victory today would be fantastic for the club, the town and all those chaps.

Counting down the hours now - I can still remember Town's last final (1978 at Mount Wise...I was only a school boy then, younger than my eldest...oh hell!) and a bit more recent to 21 years ago for our last major victory. What a day, and evening, that was - one to be honest I feared we may never see again.

You can do it lads!!!

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Hear Hear! The committee are a real group of miracle workers! 12 months ago I can remember being pleased that the team only lost to Penryn by a single goal - one of the better results of the season!

If the Lilywhites lift the cup, I think the whole committee should be given the freedom of the town!

Up the Lilywhites!

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