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iv just spent a great time with the newquay players but never far from our thoughts were arron bicknall , but great players have come back graham and ray nicolls . both newquay greats , are targets which can be achieved , the newquay players were a credit to the swpl how can a local derby be so fought after so hard but the players all spend the evening drinking and being together i think it gives a very strong message to all of football , its a game guys and today our thoufgts r with arron and his family , but i think newquay have put football on the senior football map , today ill be honest we took a beating and hats off to newquay but iv not spent many better nights with a group of 20 plus players , newq football club and godolphin are a credit to the swpl. i know we will look after arron and sometimes its a shit game .tonight my thoughts are with arron and his family but also credit were credit is due and today newquay were a very good side , so good luck 4 the rest of the season a great win for penzance and may the best team win , but spare a thought for arron footballs a shit game sometimes , mettz

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Thank you metts, I have just left the Newquay Clubhouse and am pissed but the Newqual Loyal would like to thank you for being the first on the pitch after the the 50/50 challenge happened.

Azzer won't be dancing for a while, but the support from the G officials was appreciated.

I understand that a collection was held for the Cornwall Air Ambulance was made in the pub after the match and Newquay will be doing so on Sat 25th v Porthleven.

0-5 says it all, happy days ! and Sambucas all round, heres to you Azzer !

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