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Guest Gloworm

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Guest Gloworm

Hello there! Long time, no post!

As some of you may remember, in April last year I decided to put my (very) amateur journalism skills to the test by compiling a report on Cornish football grounds and the clubs which occupy them. I thoroughly enjoyed my visits to the clubs and learnt a lot about football in Cornwall.

However, my report has had to be delayed for many reasons. The biggest of which is a website issue, but other things, including schoolwork, have stood in the way. The report itself was almost completed by May last year, and I was left with only 3 sections left to complete. Then the jobs started to build, and robbed me of almost all of my spare time. To this day, I still haven't completed the report! :(

I finally found some time in which to finish the report this week. I was sat down and ready to type, but then I read what I'd already written. Many of my notes must be out of date by now! I was hoping some of you could update me on developments in the last 12 months.

For example, when I visited St Austell, the club was bottom of the SWPL division 1 west and the club appeared, on paper, to be a mess. Their progress in the league since my visit is outstanding, and I would like to know what exactly has happened.

If there are any other important developments in the past year, if you could let me know that would be great!


Gloworm :)

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