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The Cornwall Senior Cup Final could be a interesting encounter on Easter Monday.

Who are the favourites to win the trophy? Whilst Saltash United are in the Calsberg South West Peninsula Premier League and one the better teams within that league, the ambitions of St Austell cannot be discounted.

Yes, this could be a "banana Skin scenario" for Saltash United, but this can work both ways. St Austell may view this to be as such and come "unstuck" themselves.

Having watched nearly every Saltash United match this season, I personally feel they will be far too strong for St. Austell.

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

If it is wet and windy, then you have to give St Austell some chance, the forwards loved the conditions at Mount Wise on Tues and took every advantage going. They are a strong physical side and may out muscle Saltash, the weatherman seems to favour them.

Really depends on how both sides come out of the weekend, St Austell face a hard fight against local rivals Foxhole, but they may rest players knowing that promotion is no longer available. Saltash take on Liskeard who have not set the Prem alight, with Bodmin winning the league, perhaps The Ashes will also rest players.

I'll go for Extra Time and then it will depend on who has the fitness to last 120 mins.

St Dennis to beat Falmouth Ath willed on by most of Cornwall.

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On Easter Monday the sane and the crazy

Will be making their way to St Blazey

They'll travel by coach and train and car

If your coming by train get off at Par

Two finals two Saints an Athletic and a United

I can hardly wait I'm so excited

In 2004 and 2008 the Ashes missed out

Surly this year they are in with a shout

It's a repeat of the final of 31

If that scores repeated the Lilywites will be glum

I'm certain if the Ashes score a goal ot two or three

Then the Senior Cup will be brought back to Kimberley

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Well, after Saltash lost out to a dubious hand-ball in last years' final, I thought they played Truro to their potential that day, and if the goal had been disallowed, or they equalised, the way things were, I could see an Ashes victory.

Saltash is my tip this year.

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