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Fun for next season - your feedback

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I dont know if anyone is doing it throughout this season but i love computers and internet and football stats, so i thought about running one next season where each person who is registered gives their predictions on all games from CSWPL to CSWPLD1 WEST AND EAST.

I wonder if the admins mod could set this up on a separate page for me to run.

basically that way people wont get confused with publishing their predictions on separate posts or pages, all in 1 instead check out pasoti predictions on argyle site for demo. i take part in that and thought it would be good on here.

the way itd work for instance this weekend predictions for ALL games premier, west and east

scoring would work

1 point for a prediciton (so you always get 1)

2 points for correct result prediction (i.e. win lose or draw)

5 points for correct scoreline (i.e. 2-0, 1-1 etc...)

5 points for a whole divisions results correct (i.e. all you said win, lose draw did)

10 bonus points for a whole divisions correct scoreline (i.e. all your 1-1, 2-0 etc... )

what do peple think, even if it is blown out of proportion just something that would be fun on all peoples counts.

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Do I have to apply for re-election ? I got relegated the last time we had a predicition league involving Newquay.

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i got plenty of time on my hands i work on a computer 8 hrs a day i am very organised and love anything to do with football for a laugh as well as fun. i can do a football programme of 10 pages within 1 day, (without printing) cause i love doing it.

as keano said i am like gold-dust to clubs. not just a linesman but do odd jobs as well and very committed thats why id love to do this. but need support from people who r gunna do it. people can do their own leagues but im setting up a challenge to anyone who wants to do all 3 leagues. POST MESSAGE ME if you want in and ill set-it all up and PM details.

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