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Duchy 2 hotting up!?!

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This division is by far the most competative with any team able to beat eachother on their day. As for the top I feel Bodmin deserve to go up as champions having been the best team I have seen (st anns chapel). The second place is wide open as week start to slip up, with the likes of Chapel, Delabole, Probus, Grampound, St Stephens and even Calstock looking to take advantage.

I think Probus could be the next favorites although they have a mix of results, as im not sure if players have moved up to their ECP team, they have a lot of games to catch up so will be playing evening games which could affect results although they are in for a shout at the title if they did win games in hand.

St Stephen have their work cut out as they have played the most games, so would be relying on some serious slip ups.

Grampound are looking good and have hit form at the best time and will be reliant on beating teams around them.

This is also the case for Chapel who still have to face Delabole, Bodmin, Grampound, Calstock and Probus. So for us to have any chance we must win 4 out of these 5 games.

Calstock are another form side, but i feel they are going to rue the number of games they drew at the start of the season.

Delabole are very hit or miss, and personally did really consider them promotion contenders but have been on good form and have proved me wrong.

Week st mary could be the team to fall as i know they have injuries and have to play some of the top teams. Their form would need to improve damatically to keep that 2nd position.

My final prediction 1. Bodmin Saints 2.Probus 3.st anns chapel 4. week st mary 5. Clastock. 6 Grampound

Although I feel this league could go any way with us ending up midtable and the likes of Grampound coming second.

What is everyone elses views? we need more topics on lower divisions as people only talk about the Premier league and the so called big 3.

Good luck for the rest of the season from Chapel, and im sure i will see some of you in coming weeks.

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Yeah it's very open - I agree with you in that I think Bodmin Saints will win it. Probus with games in hand look best placed to finish second, especially as Week St Mary have dropped a number of points in recent weeks.

I think it'll be very tight, and the head to head games will be of huge importance. We (Grampound) had an excellent win against Week St Mary yesterday, but still have some tough games to come. We've got Probus away on Wednesday and still face tough trips to St Annes Chapel and Calstock, although no games in this division are easy.

We've dropped some points against some of the lesser sides earlier in the season that may end up costing us. Last season the top 4 went up, and with teams dropping out or going up to the East Cornwall League a similar number may get promoted this season so it's all to play for.

I'm sure there will be some twists and turns yet.

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Agree with chapelmanager re make-up of: top six, not so sure of the order though. It seems to me Div' 2 has evened out quite a lot as the season has progressed and there could still be some shocks to come. Bodmin Saints have set a good pace since taking over the top spot and should in all honesty take the title but I'm not one for counting the 'fowls'!

Good luck to all for the run-in.

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