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Great Ref Performance (St Austell V Altarnun)

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Our game Yesterday was reffed excellently by ANITA GITTENS thought she let the game flow even though on some occasions she could of easily blown up to give a foul but played great advantages for both teams.

Was a bit surprised not to see her at the pub though, so the drink I bought her was drunk by me!!! :drink:

Well done Anita for yesterday’s performance the best we have had all season so far. :clapper: :clapper:

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Thanks St A 2nds :thumbsup: I did say to a few people, well anyone who stood still, that i wouldn't be able to go back to the pub, i had to get to Perranporth, for a easter bingo (i now have loads of easter bunnies and eggs) and then back to Newquay for a 50th birthday party. I'll make sure if you have me again i stay for 2 :P :smiley20:

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