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Took the mrs for a romantic day out at exeter v dagenham today!!! And our very own mark 'charlie' philpott was one of the lino,s!! Sorry, (assistant referee!).just like to say he did an excellent job and i agreed with all the offside decisions. (was sitting in line with the edge of the box).thought id say well done to charlie and any young aspiring refs down here,keep it going because despite the geographical mare that we are to the fa,you can still get appointed for league football.2 wonder goals from Fleetwood by the way!worth a look on the tv highlights!!! :c::clapper: :SM_carton:

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Kin'ell Rappo you smoothie you... did you bump into the sly crew, must have fancied their chances against the Cockneys... ooops forgot Wet Spam were at home ! Must have been a freebie, why else would you have gone to Devoncestershire, bet your missing Shout/Chicago where you used to to have romaticisms LOL.

Much respect JUDGE !

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