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Radio and the Senior Cup Final

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I very much doubt the the Cornwall Senior Cup will have a fair share of coverage on Radio Truro, sorry Radio Cornwall.

Given the scenario that Truro City "run out of money" and join the Calsberg south West Peninsula League, would there then be a "level playing field" for all clubs in Cornwall? I put this question to a Weekend Manager of Radio Truro, sorry again, Radio Cornwall, the reply I was given, "good question".

As a proud Cornishman, living in Saltash, I find the coverage given to South East Cornwall by Radio Truro, sorry again, Radio Cornwall to be nothing but pathetic.

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I think the Cornwall Senior Cup final WILL get a fair coverage, I wouldn't think Radio Cornwall will change it's anti-round-ball policy though, their Truro City reporting only stems from taking details from the unofficial tigertalk forum or courtesy of a supporters email telling them what tigertalk is posting.

The coverage of Truro City on Radio Cornwall is practically non existent, I know, as an exile I listen in and have to put up with the BIMBO's and the stations poor performance, most of us call it Radio Rugby.

I think the Cornwall Senior Cup will get a fair coverage, with only occasional mention of how the Truro City game is progressing, WHY? BECAUSE THERE ISN'T ANY RUGBY BEING PLAYED.

There is a lot of interest in the Taunton Town v Truro City game, that day City will have a bumper AWAY support, but the game of the day is the Senior Cup Final.


I am sure some ex Radio Cornwall stalwarts would confirm that.

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I see the Radio Times (other listings magazines are available) has Mr Ellis on from 2-6 on Monday so maybe he will be broadcasting live from St Blazey like they used to and maybe we'll only dip out on commentry of the last quarter of the senior cup.

Then again maybe he'll be in his studio playing records and pre recorded interviews and features about non local or uninteresting local sports.

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Agreed Dave. Ross is a vast improvement on the offal broadcast by `SHE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED` and deserves the opportunity. For those of you who don't know Ross, you can be assured he does his homework and knows a great deal about sport in Cornwall and in particular Football. As Dave says, "give him credit".

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