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Did anybody see.............................

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Eastenders last night, WoW what a load of old tosh but i found this on a disscusion board today that had me laughing for ages

There was a discussion about last nights episode and how it affected people and then someone made this comment

I found it helpful too. I had been considering buying a red Alfa Romeo and have decided it's just not worth the grief.

That is just pure class :clapper:

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what are you on about cockerkneeboy eastenders is true life its like that in every pub around upton park you know that :yahoo::yahoo: I have to say that the wife made me watch it as well and Peggy Mitchell's rant was pure class she should be an administrator on this site "GET OFF OF MY FORUM" :yahoo:






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All very normal, really. I like the way they always go out to the local cafe and pay every time they fancy a cup of tea. The Mitchell family would get on with St Just AFC or St Ives AFC like a stand on fire: I admire their strong family values. The Slaters have the matrilinear characteristics of everybody from Madron I've ever met. I just never understand why the soap opera is set in London when we've got our own "West End" in Redruth. It ought to be set somewhere like Troon, maybe with a pub in the middle of it run by Simmo and patronised by vagrants, lunatics, roofing contractors, murderers and drug addicts. I would watch that religiously. :c: :drink:

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