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Carn Brea 5 a side

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MJ Maintenance consisting of Phil Sara (GK), Shane Richards, Jason and Stuart Smeeth, Matt Sara and Abbo played some pretty impressive football at times but did'nt half get the luck on some crucial refereeing decisions :wacko:

Beaten Semi Finalists, Fryer looked the best balanced side to me with Trevor Harris (GK), Rob Hopkins, Gary Bell, Adam Freethy and Danny Jewell but after taking a 3-0 lead in the Semi, a good MJ comeback and a poor refereeing decision allowed Maintenance to equalise, and they then went on to win 5-3!!

Beaten finalists Camborne Cricket Club - Glen Caplin, Lee Gribble, Stuart Reynolds, Perran Cooke, Tom Rosenfeld!

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Has been a great first season for us in the league (Redruth School), we were delighted to qualify for finals night after finishing 3rd in the Thursday league. I was hoping that Camborne Cricket Club were going to win it after we lost to them 3-2 in the quarter finals.

The semi final game between Fryer & MJ Maintenance as you say was one hell of a game.

I bagged about 20 this season, not bad for a defender, only about 60 goals behind the leading scorer in the Thursday league lol :clapper:

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