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Hi All,

I require the help of my fellow Cornish football fans regarding a project I am currently working on between the University College Plymouth St. Mark & St. John, and Northumbria University.

The link below will take you to an online survey which should only take 8-10 minutes to complete. It is literally a case of ticking the boxes, and providing some more detailed explanations where appropriate if you so wish.

The survey itself aims to analyse the behaviours of football fans and what attracts you to football. The survey is completely confidential, so all opinions would be greatly received.

Many thanks.


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Have done the survey.

In my experience womens football is not of the quality and lacks the match atmosphere that mens football has.

I had a kick around a few times with a woman who played for Bristol City Ladies and she was of a similar standard to me and I wouldn't get into a SWPL league. If that is the standard of women's football then it's obviously poor compared to the men.

Having watched the England team play on TV a few times I still thought that the quality was poor and it lacked the passionate atmosphere that you get in the men's game.

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Guest Cleguerec

Very interesting survey.

Done mine from a Breton Cornish perspective. Noticed in our local paper (Pontivy journal) that a nearby club has become the centre for womens football for central brittany. At our club we have only had one or two girls that have played in with the boys under 11s. I have always put this down to the prosperous handball club in the village being the magnet for girls sports. Perhaps with this new centre opening up things will change!!

Perhaps Im being a cynic but I cant help feeling that womens football has been used by certain clubs merely as a way of obtaining funding?

Treve Crago.

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