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SWP Elevated to Step 5

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Press Release: South West Peninsular League Promoted to Step 5

The FA today has confirmed that the South West Peninsular League Premier Division will be elevated to Step 5 next season. A spokesman from the FA stated "the SWP has been an extraordinary success, with the standard of facilitates and football clearly at Step 5 level. Indeed the SWP average attendance has surpassed the majority of Step 5 leagues, including

- Essex Senior League

- Spartan South Midland League

- Hellenic Premier

- Combined Counties Premier

- Midland Football Alliance

- Northern Counties East Premier

- Kent League

- Western League

- Sussex League

- United Counties League

- North West Counties League

- Wessex Premier

One advantage is that all the clubs in the SWP Premier will be eligible for the FA Cup. It is thought that the Devon Clubs at step 5 will consider transferring to the SWP in the close season.

Dated 1 April 2009

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