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FHFL results 31/03/09

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TRISPEN 3 (cruse 1,taylor 22,tyack 85)


Cracking game! had abit of everything! a sending off,a few bookings,a few handbags,some great goals,saves,off the lines,3 offside goals(2 for me,thanks lino! shocking 2nd one,only bout 10 yards on!) Penryn played some cracking football.well done bushy,you,ve done a great job with them mate.we started off brilliant,scored inside a minute and had several chances until we finally made it 2-0.last 15 of the 1st half and for 30 minutes of the 2nd Penryn,s youngsters were probably the better side and even equalized when down to 10 men.we got back into it late on and nicked a winner when to their credit penryn were pushing for one as well.good luck for the rest of the season bushy,you will definately go up with that team.(and you,re lino!!! he,s worth 10 points a season mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clapper:

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thanks rappo, you lot better win the league now your a good bunch of lads.

my fault completly for the first goal wicked bobble and ended up megging

me self plonker. feel sorry for our goalie prynner he had hell of a game, couldnt do nothing

about your goals. nice to see graham again hope your head is alright after our sub kissed it.

cheers all the best, ps sorry rappo about standing on your foot but i had to christen your

sparkling new boots.

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Thanks Bushy, been a few years hasnt it mate!! Really enjoyed tonights game and you got a great bunch of lads down there. You pushed us all the way in both games but fortunately we took all 6 points! Still reckon your 2nd best team in the league(us being 1st of course ha ha!!) and i think you will prove that next monday against mullion. All the best for the rest of the season mate

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Mawnan 4 Rangers 1

First half looked like it would be a real hiding for Rangers 3 down in half an hour and barely getting into the Mawnan half. They some how managed to get to the break without conceding any more.

Second half saw Rangers get into the game and finally getting the reward their hard work deserved with 15 to go. The second half was a more even contest and Rangers can at least take some pride in that.

Mawnan clearly deserved the win tonight and Rangers now have a mountain to climb if they want any chance of promotion.

Well played Mawnan a deserved win.............

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Guest shaggy torres

We will see what happens on Tuesday when we (mullion) win the game all the pressure will be on trispen with all those games still to play and all there players getting tired it's in our hands as to trispen and penryn being 1st and 2nd best teams in the league, who is top of the table and by some margin compared to penryn only time will prove one of us wrong and one of us right it is going to be a brilliant end to the season

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HA HA! Dont worry bushy,i,ll put my order in to Gritts for another pair!!!!!? just beat mullion and we,re quits mate!!! thanx cat! heard your playing well mate,could have let those couple in against perranwell the other night though!! if they lose the league by a point it will be your fault!!!! :D Shaggy,dont think anyone at trispen thinks we deserve to be top.you,re there because you deserve to be! its up to the rest to do well in their games in hand.which in our case is a lot!!! good luck for the rest of the season and we might play again yet in a final????? :clapper: tellit,the only pace i can talk about now is probably the 'maker' i,ll have to have fitted in a few years!!! :(

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