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Ive had a good conversation with mr unorthdox exchanging messages and he really is a top player. yes you all guessed it was gilly from vospers but hey im mike from cally who ha. so as people say, u can judge a book by its cover until to start reading more and more and you find out what its all about.

i read the post about unorthadox etc and he is a genuine guy like everyone. the post about me drew different opinions but i dont care wot people think as he said people register only to cause arguments and make sure they win the argument. i love to argue as well but i dont take it personal i just think its petty theres always one.

keep up the good play unorthadox whether thats central defence or in goal. ull be up front next week

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haha Bunn's when have you seen myself play then? haha sure im a little bit better then yourself haha and your new signings, i know 3 of them. signing a family member of mine haha

also think the list goes, Ale+Jaeger, navy rum, 2x bells whiskey, flatliner, mexican holiday, double corkey's and then the irish car bomb! as well as other drinks, all kept within the system! haha. enough of my drinking prowess "keano" back to my 4 goals since xmas, not bad for a keeper! haha

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