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Witheridge 2-1 St Blazey

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Well......just another day with the Blazey!!

Where is Witheridge again??

With Dan as my co driver we managed to do it in 1 and a half hours and 74 miles. Yet other Blazey fans who took the A30 and M5 to Tiverton managed to clock up another 50 miles each way!! Cross country all the way then!!

Yet again we started the match with just one sub (well 2 if you include our assistant manager) Fair enough we have a couple on hols and a couple with bad injuries but to many times this season weve gone away from home with barly 11 players!!

Plenty of good banter with the home fans who i dont think have ever seen some away flags at their place. (I think we took the home end!!) :rolleyes:

After Withy took the lead, St Blazey hit back after their keeper took out their own defender and allowed Blazey to make it 1-1. It didnt help matters when Danny Bance walked off the pitch after being told to keep quiet by Bobby Oaten the manager. Things got a bit out of hand and off he went to be replaced. The second half was woeful at times. Withy made the best chances but for a linos flag and woeful finishing they could have won it earlier. St Blazey had 2 good chances to win it but seemed very slow going forward at times. Then with the game drifting to 1-1 the Ref gave a soft penalty (That from Withy fans) and although Tom in goal got a good hand to it, he couldnt keep it out.

Cheers of you only sing when ya winning in reply to your not singing anymore!! 10th spot is still on but with 6 games to go we need 4 wins and a draw at least. :unsure:

Good to meet North Devon Dweller. Thanks for the badges mate. Be good to go back next season and see your ground improvements.

Up the Blazey!! :thumbsup:

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What a proud day to be a St Blazey fan!! Our brilliant support sang and cheered their team on all the way through a - quite frankly - crap second half.

The Withy fans (and yes, these are proper fans!) seemed a hostile bunch at first, but then we had unknowingly hung our flags at what turned out to be the home end! After the match, they turned out to be a friendly lot, but maybe this would not have been the case had the result gone our way!

Great to put a face to North Devon Dweller and many, many thanks for the badges - which he refused to take any money for.

On the football side of things, we're still struggling and I think the odds looked stacked against us for that FA Cup place. We'll need to get some more wins under our belt quickly and hope Lanson do us some favours.

The point worth mentioning is that, bizarrely, the winning Witheridge goal was from a penalty which our fans thought was fair and Withy fans thought was harsh - opposite to normal!! There was a feeling from both sets of fans that 1-1 would have been a fair result today. That's football.

One further point. The way in which the referee conducted himself with players and even supporters was to be commended. He apologised for a couple of dodgy decisions and spoke in a respectful way. Arrogant and "always right" officials such as S**** P*** and a few other could learn a lot from this chap. Referees want respect? This chap got mine today.

A great afternoon in North Devon - many thanks to Witheridge for their hospitality.

Dan Hazelton - supporter of St Blazey, best supported club in the SWPL :)

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Oh yes....the REF!! We gave him a bit of stick but he was witty with the odd reply. Full credit to him. There are far to many Refs who cant join in the banter and talk to people in a nice way.

As you say Dan...the best supporters in the land!! :lol:

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Good to hear you boys had a good day out despite the result, thats what we at Newquay miss and the only reason we are jealous of those in the Prem (other than the potential FA Cup).

If we miss out on promotion this season, we will be back with our old friends soon and hopefully some new ones. Whilst it has been nice to do the groundhopper thing at the 'lesser grounds' we are desperate to visit those in Devon. If they they think it was good meeting Blazey, the Newquay Loyal will show who are the best supported away side in Cornwall ! (Sorry boys but we are Numero Uno).

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

40 home fans Dan, are you serious ? And they made some noise ? Fair play if those that did turn up did give you some banter but a 60 crowd for a Prem game is just poor whoever the opposition is and regardless of league positions.

We had hoped that the Prem boys would at least turn out in better numbers than the old SWL, but it seems that it is the usual suspects who make this league what it is. Witheridge may have Tivvy as neighbours and maybe Blazey are not a big draw anymore, but 60 is a Newquay poor Combo crowd when the first team don't play.

Oh well, I hope that when we eventually visit North Devon Dweller at his Mid Devon Club, he will afford the Newquay Loyal the same hospitality, although he may need a few more badges :clapper: .

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Great win for Withy however in questionable circumtances. Very debatable late penalty which we Withy supporters thought wasn't. A couple of goals disallowed for offside which if not for some questionable linesman decisions would of put the game beyond doubt before the penalty. Blazey definately one of the better sides to get the ball on the ground and play football that we have seen this season. Shame about your captain throwing his toys out of the pram. Referee made some very strange decisions but it was good to see a ref with a smile on his face who when bantered gave a little back. Official attendace was 72 i think which to be honest is a normal crowd for ourselves as we are a small village which seems to be becoming a retirement village and the others go to watch either Tivvy or Exeter. Apologies to everyone at Blazey for the moron who lives just outside the ground and decided to light his bonfire and make as much smoke blow across the pitch as possible. On a final note great to meet Dan and Paul and put a face to posts. Judge as i have told you before it would be great for Newquay to get into the Prem as we would make it a weekender when we visited Mount Wise and yes as Dan and Paul will tell you Witheridge hospitality is second to none which we afford to every side that visit Edge Down Park so hopefully look forward to meeting you next season. The WITHY, CULLY, BLAZEY RACE FOR TENTH STILL ON. :yahoo::yahoo:

Dan you would of still found us a friendly bunch had the result not gone our way once the whistle blows as far as we are concerned its over and time to drink beer :drink::drink: :drink:

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Well if you think being in the Prem means all ticket matches then think again!! The grounds as we speak are no where near as good as cornish clubs with Buckland being the exception.

Withy have a small fan base but have a good group with a dodgy mini bus who like a bit of banter. You wont get that at Clyst as theres barly anyone there to banter with!! :lol:

Oh....and an intresting conversation yesterday about crowds......or lack of them but with strangly high attendances recorded!!! Why do clubs do it??? What gain???

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