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Cornish Glove company feel Umbro's Iron Fist

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Cornish Glove Company Feel Umbro's Iron Fist

This just appears to be another case of corporate bulling. We have a small Cornish football company trying to make a beginning in the sports business world then in comes the big guys with their lawyers and massive budget trying to cripple a start up business. What happened to the entrepreneurial spirit in this country. Good luck to Paul at OneSport.co.uk!

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Guest Sport Lover

Stand your ground Paul dont be bullied. A similar logo isnt the same as a copied logo. Join Federation of Small Businesses if you can and get free business legal advice they might even be able to represent you .

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What a load of rubbish, dont be bullied Paul.

Out of interest, it may be worth penning a letter to Lotto to get their views.

They make better and far more gloves than Umbro and your logo is closer to theirs than the friends of the FA.

If they have no issue with you then Umbro may back off.

On the flip side though it could add to your issues, you will have to weigh up the pro's and con's.

Maybe you should solicit your designs for a large fee to Umbro themselves.

They obviously like the designs enough for it to worry their marketing team so try and attract an offer!

They will be making some serious money shortly when all parents and football nuts spend a fortune on another England shirt that wont differ much from the last one, half a million quid or so to get rid of you maybe worth it in thir eyes!

Best of luck.

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Spider, give Trading Standards a ring, there was a bloke in Bodmin who had a business making body creams etc, and Tesco did a similar product, using a very similar name. They sent him letters threatening action, so he contacted TS, who looked into it, and managed to get Tesco backing down, and paying the Bodmin chap compo!!

I never thought of Umbro when I saw the logo, so why should anyone else?

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I can kind of see a slight resemblance in the phot on the link as, when looking at it on the side without fosuccing properly to see it could resemble it. However, on closer inspection it obiously isn't, plus just above the logo it says ONEsport along the finger.

Assuming it did remsemble the logo what problem is it anyway? Anyone buying gloves would surely take enough notice to realise if they were buying Umbro or ONEsport.

In fact it could work in Umbro's favour as if people just glance at a photo/T.V. shot they might think it's Umbro and go out and uy Umbro.

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Well if the onesport logo did look like the Umbro one then Umbro have every right to take action but in this case it is a million miles away, umbro are taking the p**s the onesport logo is nothing like the umbro one.

End of, Dont give in paul they haven`t got a leg to stand on.

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