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The purpose of this post is to gather opinion after a couple of controversial incidents in local footbal in the last week or so.

We have the sportsmanship debate regarding the Newquay and Hayle game with the late equaliser. Many opinions have been shared about this incident.

We also have the Truro vs Windsor & Eton game last night. The ball must have been 1-2 feet out of play and the assistant did not seem to be concentrating and with W&E back in the match at 3-2, Truro scored as a direct result of this incident. The Truro player will have known that the ball was out of play and the W&E players stopped expecting the throw-in to be given.

Is it opportunist? Gamemanship? Intelligent play? Making the most out of a situation? God forbid, cheating? Is such behaviour part of the game, even at a local level?

This is not an opportunity to openly criticise clubs or individual players. I am more interested in the concept of whether 'doing the right thing' has become less significant than getting an outcome regardless of whether it right or potentially wrong.

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During our game against St Day on Saturday, we had a free kick that went over the wall and into the net, however a hole in the net meant the ball ended up in the car park behind the goal, the keeper got a hand to it, some St Day players claimed he had turned it round the post, when clearly it was at least 2 yards inside the upright. Gareth Jones (old guy at the back for St Day!!!!) then went to the referee and told him that the ball had gone into the net and rightly a goal was awarded!

So a bit of good sportsmanship there!!

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I can't quite see how the two are even nearly comparable, or worthy of mention together?

One is a mistake made by the officials. If the striker had picked the ball up when nothing had been given he would have conceeded a free kick!? You are taught to play to the whistle at a very early age.

Whereas the other is a player/team deciding to go against an unwritten rule between players that has always been upheld in the good faith of looking after injured players.

In answer to the initital question for me, one is cheating the other is football. And that's from a neutral, Cornish football fan

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Guest tafc.-gaffa

Simple- play to the whistle like every player is taught as a kid and let the ref make the decision in case of sportsmanship/controversy!!!

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1.I would class the newquay incident as bad sportmanship whereas the truro situation as cheating ( if the player knew the ball was out of play)

2. It is a sad state of affairs and the state of football in the county that players cheat, week in and week out in football. Diving, shirt pulling, off the ball incidents, playing on when they know the ball is out etc. Saying playing to the whistle is quite correct, espcaially as a defending team, but this shouldn't hide teh fact teh players cheat. Fair play and honesty are nowhere (very rarely!)to be seen in cornish football. People say play to the whistle to mask the fact of cheating and to make it justifiable. Lets say: stealing, murder or rape are acceptable if you dont get caught, after all its the police's job to catch you!! Over the top , yes. Same principle.

3. How the was the sportmanship of the Hayle players reactions to the goal? ( Iwasn't there) Before you say they must have been upset, angry, p**ed off etc- does this make it justified?

4. Players cheat and there are cases of bad sportsmanship every game you play/watch it is jus that this incident was more visible to all.

5. I would never make it as one the top players in the county (no replies please about thats because im crap!!) as I am too honest and put my own integrity before winning. Play hard but fair, don't blatatly cheat

I would be angry at the end of the day. If I played for/was linked to Hayle I would try and let the subject go, the points aren't go havea great effect on your season. You will always hate Newquay no doubt, even the second team.

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The Newquay incident was commented on by the Newquay manager - Link

NEWQUAY manager Jim Hilton has apologised to Hayle following his side's controversial equaliser at Trevassack Park on Saturday.

Newquay's teenage striker Chris Luxton found himself at the centre of the storm as his injury time goal brought a remarkable afternoon's football to a dramatic conclusion.

With the game in to stoppage time and Newquay trailing 6-5, Hayle goalkeeper Paul Hosken put the ball out of play after his clash with Shaun Middleton left the Peppermints' player needing treatment.

But when play resumed, rather than returning the ball to Hosken, Luxton dribbled into the box to score.

The home side were left infuriated by Luxton's unsporting gesture and Hilton could do little else but apologise for the striker's actions. Hilton said: "It was bad sportsmanship, it was a mistake and I said sorry on behalf of the club to Colin and Wayne Quinn (Hayle's joint managers) after the game.

"They were both understandably upset by the whole thing and rightly so."

Hilton insists he didn't see the incident after turning to his own dugout moments before to remonstrate with the referee's decision not to award a spot kick.

"I was facing the bench talking to a couple of people after I thought we should have had a penalty for a challenge on Shaun Middleton," said Hilton.

"When I turned around Chris Luxton was running towards the goal. The next thing I know, after he scored, their lads are playing hell and I have people shouting at me calling me a cheat.

"I'm certainly not a cheat and I can fully understand Hayle's frustration.

"It was the wrong thing to do and I apologise to everybody at Hayle for what happened."

Despite Hilton's plea, Colin Quinn remains angered by the incident after seeing his side denied victory.

He said: "It was shocking as we had stopped playing. I can't believe it happened – even our youth team knows better than to do something like that.

"We're not happy about it, but our hands are tied. The referee agreed it was very unsporting, but there is no rule to stop it.

"Jim Hilton told me he hadn't seen the incident, but I said to him I couldn't understand how he'd missed it as everyone else in the ground saw it and there was quite a big crowd there."

Hilton felt it brought an unsavoury end to what had been an otherwise enthralling clash between the sides.

Newquay had led 4-1, before five goals in 16 second half minutes dramatically turned the game in Hayle's favour.

"Even before everything kicked off at the end it was an incredible game," said Hilton.

"We were 4-1 up and the lads were buzzing at half-time.

"Even when they pulled a goal back you think 'we should be ok'. Then they scored again and then suddenly we found ourselves 6-5 down. It was just an unbelievable game to be involved in."

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Guest Sport Lover

Sadly there is a lot of cheating in most sports, We all watch it week in week out on TV

Football - Diving, shirt pulling, trying to con the ref, feining injury to stop play career ending tackles.

Cricket - Players not walking when they should and ball tampering

Rugby - A few punches thrown, but generally well controlled by the refs

Hockey - Good respect towards the umpires, gamemanship rather than cheating

Cycling - Drugs

Athletics - Drugs

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I always thought playing to the whistle meant that, especially as a defender, if the opposition have the ball and something isn't picked up by the referee that you should play on so you don't get caught out. If however you are in control of the ball and know it went out of play or something similar then that isn't playing to the whistle, that's cheating.

I remember a couple of years back I went in for a challenge and the ball came off me and went for a throw. The ref gave the throw to me so I said, "It came off of me ref." His reply was, "I've made my decision so get on with it!"

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so windsor should have said hay ref he cant be off side from a goalkick so give the ball to truro,dont be stupid you cant even put the two together,and i dont think andy knew it was out because he bumped into me,and i pushed him back into play,and it was only as far out as spurs goal against man utd,and they told the ref it was a goal didnt they not :clapper:

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The Truro incident was playing to the whistle, week in week out officials come under fire therefore, you win some you lose some, the referee of the Truro/Windsor game has refereed Truro before this season and City suffered from his actions, Windsor are bellyaching about a referee from the Cornwall/Devon border but during most away games Truro have London referees for the near London games and Bristol Area referees when in that part of the country, roundabouts and swings, it's not right but if a player playing in the standard City are now were to stop playing as a sporting gesture, he would have a job to get on the bench for the next game. Sadly we have to live with this unsavoury modern day situation.

As for the Newquay/Hayle situation, that was agreed BY THE MAJORITY an unsporting act, sadly The Judge deleted his (losing) thread.

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The majority, including myself have deemed the act last sat at the hayle game unsporting, before and after the goal.

Most people would see the truro incident as bad sportsmanship (regardless of the fac the ref missed it) o0r cheating.

Why cant you see that although it happens in footb all - IT'S NOT RIGHT!!! :angry2:

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