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Charity Cup Semi Final

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Pretty awful game. Town had best and first chance - but Body's drive came back off the post. Just about Pz only chance saw excellent effort clip the bar but drop into the net. You could sum that up as the difference in the result as neither keeper really made a save.

Game was not helped by the dreadful bumpy surface at Porthleven nor the bloody awful referee. He could have sent off a Pz defender in the first few minutes for deliberate handball as Body chased through a long goal kick but only gave a yellow - after that his performance got worse. It's a hard job and their numbers are short on the ground but surely there are better officials out there than that.

Further complaint for the decent numbers of StA supporters who made the long trip (compared to the few from Pz who managed to make it) and who hadn't eaten due to work etc. Not a scrap of food to be had in the refreshment hut (unless you count kit kats!). Several hungry and disappointed boys come the end and another trip to the same ground on Saturday to play Port in the league. Oh good!

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