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The Cocker Spaniel Club and Dave Deacon

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Deacs, I presume that comment was not serious ! That I was banned from the Forum because you were approached by the 1902 committee of the Cocker Spaniel Club.

If so, please tell me what they objected to. I have got Rolo here slavering with fury at the notion that those tail-docking, heredity-supporting, fur-clipping WIMPS dare to criticise her behaviour. This is one cocker spaniel who bites ass, I can tell you !

She'll tear their throat out. One sight of Rolo and all the Curnow boxers and Steve Capeling's Rotwelier start whining ! I kid you not !

Details, please ! Rolo has a right to know and if she isn't told the Tinners will be visiting your new no-fixed-abode to ask why after the Wendron game!!!

If not, who banned me ? Apart from somebody on here called wimpyphillips or something, I seem to have a groundswell of support !

Thank you Coopsie for your kind words ! I hope you stay up now !! :D

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