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a larger budget offers much more flexability and options to a manager certainly, but does not nessaccerily mean they are a better manager... aka all the gear no idea, its ok having all the tools (money/players) but if you dont know how to gel them together then they arent going to go anywhere.

conversly a lower league club may have a good manager and he may have good techinques to gel the squad and get the best out of them. many references could be made like this, such as roy hodgson of fulham.

so a manager should not be judged merely on the bugdet

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it depeneds what success is to "the bigger club" and to their respective chairman.

for example tottenham will finish around europe, where were they before harry, fulham were saved from relegation with roy hodson now fightin for europe, hull not getting relegated... these are all success' to the respected clubs as they have achieved there agreed and acheivable goals.

if a "higher standard club" chairman can see a lower manager doing well with a club then surely there is no reason why the lower manager can not be given a chance to prove himself, like i said agreeing acheivable goals before. but that manager must realise a bigger club invovles bigger pressure so has less time in which to succeed.

one of lifes great risks!

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